Tree & Shrub Care

We provide very affordable Tree & Shrub care programs for Medina Ohio and surrounding Northeast Ohio communities.  Our lawn care company’s tree & shrub care includes fertilization, insect control, and disease control.

As certified Arborists with nearly 50 years of combined experience in Tree and Shrub care, our Medina division of Custom Spray will set up a program that will deal with any tree problems you are having and prevent further damage to your landscaping and lawn.

Our Tree and Shrub Services

  • Trained Technicians
  • Expert Diagnosis
  • Deep-root fertilizer injection
  • Complete Programs
  • Arborist on staff
  • Soil Drenching
  • Deer Repellent

Insect Control

Insects and pests reside in the trees and shrubs around your yard and can cause a lot of damage.  Our lawn care professionals can control the following insects:

  • Emerald Ash Borer – This insect alone is threatening the entire Ash population in Northeast Ohio. If we are able to treat it right away, we can reduce the damage and possibly save your tree.
  • Aphids – More common in shrubbery, these tiny insects feed off your shrub foliage and tree leaves. These little guys can literally suck the life out of the trees and shrubs in your lawn.
  • Borers – This is a type of bug that bores into the trunks and limbs of the trees and shrubs around your yard.
  • Japanese Beetles – These are the adult form of the grubs that attack the foliage on your trees and shrubs causing damage everywhere they are present.
  • Mites – very common plant pest that is hard to see with the naked eye but can create enough damage to kill your shrubs.

Disease Control

The landscaping in your yard, trees, and the ornamental shrubs are all susceptible to disease and our tree care programs can effectively control disease and help it recover from the stress fungus and disease causes to your landscaping.

We also service other Northeast Ohio communities including:  Akron, Brecksville, Norton, Medina, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, North Canton, and within 25 miles of our Norton Ohio office.